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Welcome to our help pages, if you have a problem, you will often find the necessary assistance here.  If you need our help, we are only a telephone call away and have advanced support systems to log on to your machine, fix the problem and then log off again.... this is known as remote online support.


A wording of Warning !!  Unfortunately many scams eminate from the internet, in particular call centres that purport to be Microsoft Partners and offering to fix problems with your machine.  Don't fall prey to these dubious operations, if you cannot validate exactly who somebody is an where they are from, under no circumstances give them any information or allow them to access your machine. If you do become a victim get help quickly and please do report it via our website.



We have our own software available on disk and via download so we can logon to your machine, troubleshoot and resolve issue.


Just call us on 01489 785646 and we can arrange to support you remotely. If you have had your laptop or PC serviced at our local workshop, you will already have our Computer Support module installed.


Computer Man remote
This is our own remote support software
Windows program file [3.2 MB]

This area is still under construction although you can now download our factsheets and Computer Help files. In the meantime if you have a particular problem, please feel free to join the Computer Club where you can post a question now. You can also read some articles and extracts contained in the helpsheets on our help pages link below if you prefer

Contact us

17 High St, Botley

Southampton SO30 2EA

Tel: 01489 785646

Mob: 07801 659214


Our shop & Workshop is Open

10.00 am - 6.00 pm 

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

Outside of these hours call

Tel: 07801 659214


If you need help with Broadband Setup, networking, printer installation or PC issues, we also arrange Home Visits with No Call Out Charge. Call us on our workshop number.


Fast Repairs

Same day/ Next Day

We regularly carry out same day and next day repairs 


We can securely Recycle old Hardware and Computers and provide a Data Destruction Guarantee. Re-useable parts are recycled whenever possible to minimise waste and help protect the environment

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