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Customer Feedback

Here is some recent feedback from our customers.

Friendly and professional service, kept informed of what was happening

Chris Bullen

Thanks so much for all your help! This new IT set up is the perfect basis to take our start-up law firm to the next level!!! Birak IT is like an extension of our team, so reassuring to know we now have our own 'external' internal IT department!

Charlotte at Gerrish Legal

Thanks again for the quick turnaround.

Alex Marriner at Acquire Digital Talent

My 2 experiences with you have both been useful & pleasant, & wouldn't hesitate in contacting you again if I have the need

Michael White

Quick response. Great service

Elizabeth Judson at Wickham Dental Practice

Thank you for all your work yesterday. Everything appears to be working fine, as I knew it would be

Jacki Brandum

Thanks SO much. Such a lifesaver !!

Charlotte at Gerrish Legal

I’ve just had a long phone call with Baldeep. He’s been very patient with me and is going to set up what we need 😉

Carole Young at Albany Farm Care

Thanks Birak IT!!! As such a digital and remote team, we couldn’t be doing this without your services! Excellent from start to finish on what was a complex job!! 🙌🙌🙌

Charlotte at Gerrish Legal

Really great, efficient and friendly assistance even on what ended up being a complex case

Charlotte at Gerrish Legal

I was very satisfied with the support I was given as I am not very good at downloading apps.

Sheila Oatley

This is really helpful, thank you! The system has been great so far, it is really useful to be able to back up files online and share files with one another. Thanks again for your time last week.

Lily Morrison at Gerrish Legal

Thanks Baldeep - honestly you have been the best throughout this whole process! thank you!!!

Charlotte at Gerrish Legal

Honestly, I'll be recommending you to everyone. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Nikki at Walker Marine Design

Always wonderful. Helpful, reassuring and successful.